Funded Projects

Open Space

  • Warren Brook Watershed Conservation Area trail bridge repairs. (11/2/2023)
  • Warren Brook Bridge- The construction of a trail bridge for public use across Warren Brook on the Roberson Family Conservation Restriction Area Trail Easement. (5/4/2023)

  • Acquisition of Mechanic Street open space. (5/5/2022)
  • Acquisition of Peppercorn Hill open space. (11/10/20)
  • Robertson Property Conservation Restriction- Conservation Restriction placed on 50 acres of mixed habitat. (9/4/2019)

  • Access to Stefan's Farm- Engineering Services to evaluate access road alternatives. (11/17/2015)

  • Sweet William Farm Conservation Restriction- The acquisition of 63.06 acres of farm property and the establishment of a Conservation Restriction on another 32.65 acres of land. (1/11/2011)

  • Undeveloped Land Parcel Study- Comprehensive study of large, undeveloped parcels of land to identify those areas with the highest open space value and the potential for community use. (11/30/2004)

  • Chestnut Street Trail Complex- Development of athletic/nature trail complex on Chestnut Street. (11/30/2004)

  • Undeveloped Land Parcel Study- Comprehensive study of large, undeveloped parcels of land to identify those areas with the highest open space value and the potential for community use. (11/30/2004)

Lakes and Ponds

  • Pratt and Mill Pond Studies- Water Quality and Sediment Testing- including the establishment of a water quality monitoring program and the development of a long-term management plan. (11/1/2022)

  • Lake Wildwood Restoration- Restoration of land for recreational purposes. (11/17/2015)

Historical Preservation

  • Heritage Park Sign- The installation of a new wood sign with a lifespan of one hundred years. (5/4/2023)

  • Maplewood Cemetery Stone Wall Restoration- Restoration of stonewall at Maplewood Cemetery. (11/2/2021)

  • Grange Hall/Center School No. 1 Exterior Restoration Project- Exterior restoration work to include a new roof, siding and trim repairs, exterior painting, and general landscape improvements to stabilize the exterior of the building. (5/4/2023)

  • Barbara Burke Bench- Installment of a park bench in honor of Barbara Burke at Heritage Park. (5/8/2021)

  • Granite Bench- Installment of an ADA accessible granite bench in Heritage Park. (4/7/2021)

  • Historic Schoolhouse Site Markers- The installation of granite posts to which bronze plaques are attached to mark the historic sites of original public schools. (5/3/2018)

  • Reconstruction of Upton Town Hall- Reconstruction of Upton Town Hall to conform to ADA and state and federal building codes, to accommodate for Town offices and preserve the historic Town Hall. (5/9/2013)

  • Cemetery Records Preservation. The transcription of cemetery records to computer format. (5/9/2013)

  • Upton Town Hall Schematic Design- Development of schematic design documents for the renovation and preservation of the Upton Town Hall building with improvements to comply with the ADA and building codes. (5/7/2011)

  • Historic Town Clock Reparation- The replacement of works of Town owned clock located in the United Parish steeple, in preparation for the 275th Town anniversary. (5/9/2010)

  • Archeological Study and Chamber Repair- An Archeological study of the stone chamber in Heritage Park and for the restoration and stabilization of the entrance. (5/5/2011)

  • Historic Town Records Preservation- The preservation of historic Town records. (5/10//2007)

  • Police Station Steps The reconstruction of Police Station steps to preserve the historic integrity and aesthetics of the original building (3/30/2006)

  • Elm Street Land Acquisition- The preservation of a historic landmark, the stone chamber, to provide space for recreation purposes, and to provide and protect open space around the shore of Mill Pond. (8/14/2006)

  • Upton Chamber Property- Evaluation of costs and benefits of acquiring the land and considering it for public use. (3/30/2006)


  • Playground Funding- The Construction of a new playground at the Community Center, 0 Milford Street. (5/8/2021)

  • Community Garden Water Supply- The installation of a water connection to the community garden site. (10/7/2020)

  • Leland Field Engineering- The renovation of Leland Recreation Complex to accommodate the needs of Town recreation programs. (4/1/2020)

  • Restoration of Stone Building at Maplewood Cemetery- Exterior restoration to the roof and interior painting restoration to the interior of the multipurpose stone building. (3/4/2020)

  • Recreation Master Plan- The creation of a Masterplan for the Recreation Commission. (5/3/2018)

  • Preservation of Schoolhouse Site- Preservation work to include tree and snag removal. (11/17/2017)

  • Walkway revision at Kiwanis Soccer Field- Revision work to include slope adjustment and the addition of railing to adhere to ADA standards. (5/4/2017)

  • Replacement of exterior stairs at Kiwanis Beach- Repair and replacement of the exterior staircase and landing on the Ramsey Building at Kiwanis Beach. (2/11/2015)

  • Kiwanis Beach Surveillance Equipment- The installation of additional surveillance equipment to protect the basketball and tennis court areas. (5/8/2014)

  • Foundation for Recreational Equipment Shed- Provided slab foundation of a recreational equipment shed built behind Memorial School as an Eagle Project. Also included was the purchase of a garage door to secure the property. (5/8/ 2014)

  • Renovation of Kiwanis Court-The Reconstruction and renovation of basketball and tennis courts adjacent to Kiwanis Beach. (5/8/2014)

  • Surveillance System at Leland Field- Installation of surveillance cameras at Leland Recreational Fields located behind Memorial School to monitor activities and protect facilities and equipment shed. (10/19/2023)

  • Rehabilitation of Upton Veterans Memorial Playground- Rehabilitation of Town playground to include the replacement of surface material, replacement of benches and picnic tables, and the installment of new equipment. (5/9/2013)

  • Construction of Pavilion at Kiwanis Beach- Assisted in the Funding of the purchase of material to construct a pavilion at the Town beach for use by the summer recreation program. Additional funding for electrical and sound paging system. (5/9/2013)

  • Kiwanis Parking Engineering and Design- The Surveying and development of engineering plans for handicapped parking and access at Kiwanis soccer field.

  • Howard Leland Field Preservation- The preservation of Howard Leland Field to include addressing drainage mitigation and irrigation problems.

  • West River Street Irrigation- The installation of an automatic underground irrigation system at the soccer field on West River Street. (3/13/2007).

  • Glen Echo Athletic Fields Environmental Filings- Filing to include rare species habitat analysis, and filings with the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, and wetland Notice of Intent of the Glen Echo athletic field and associated parking, which design shall preserve the foundation of the District Schoolhouse. (1/16/2007)

  • Athletic Fields Plan- Concept plan and environmental review for the construction of athletic fields on land deeded to the Town as part of the Glen Echo Development. (12/6/2005)

  • Recreational Needs Study- Assessment of the current and future recreational needs of the Town. (4/12/2005)

Affordable Housing

  • Housing Needs Survey- Survey which identified resident’s housing needs and requests. (11/18/2022)

  • Affordable Housing Site- Property purchased by the affordable housing trust for the construction of a duplex for affordable housing. (1/3/2018)

  • Analysis of Affordable Housing Needs for Upton- Analysis Study of affordable housing in Town and result in the creation of a plan and strategy. (5/6/2010).