Town Manager

The Town Manager oversees and administers the general business of the Town of Upton, implements policies to achieve the Board of Selectmen's goals, and ensures that available resources are being used efficiently and effectively. In addition to serving as the Chief Procurement Officer and Personnel Coordinator for the Town, the Town Manager directly supervises departments and functions under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen. The Town Manager provides information and assistance to other directly elected boards and committees and their staff at their request. 

It was established by a Special Act of the Legislature (Chapter 391 of the Acts of 2008) after a favorable vote at the Town Meeting earlier that year. For a detailed description, see the Town's General By-Laws. The Town Manager Act provides that: 

The Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the Town. The Town Manager shall not set Town Policy but ensure proper coordination with all elected and appointed boards and commissions. 

The following responsibilities devolved from the Selectmen to the Town Manager:

  • Hire, fire, and discipline employees under the jurisdiction of the Board
  • Compile and recommend a balanced budget for the departments under the jurisdiction of the Board,
  • Fix compensation of all town officers and employees under the jurisdiction of the Board.
  • Reorganize town departments under the jurisdiction of the Board for more efficient operation.
  • Act as the Chief Procurement Officer
  • Sign the warrants for payment of town obligations.

Supervise, manage, and coordinate the day-to-day activities of all town departments and employees under the Board's jurisdiction and coordinate the activities of these departments with those of departments under the jurisdiction of other elected officials, boards, and commissions. 

The Manager also:

  • Manages the Town's insurance programs
  • Acts as the Americans with Disabilities Act Director and Affirmative Action Officer
  • Acts as Personnel Coordinator
  • Prepares warrants for special and annual town meetings
  • Ensures complete records of the financial activity of the Town are maintained in accordance with applicable laws.