Applying for Community Preservation Funding

To assist the Upton Community Preservation Committee (CPC) in reviewing requests for Community Preservation Act funds, please answer the questions below on a separate paper and attach any documentation you think might be helpful. Based on the information provided in this form and the discussion in our scheduled meeting with your group, the CPC will develop its recommendations to be presented to the voters at an Upton Town Meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the CPC if you have any questions regarding the information requested. Be advised that CPA funds cannot be used for the maintenance and upkeep of real and personal property. Also, CPA funds cannot replace existing operating funds, only augment them.

  • In a comprehensive statement, please describe your request and how the funds will be applied to promote open space (passive and recreational), historical preservation, and/or Community Housing and benefit the Upton community.
  • Provide a short and long-term plan for the successful completion of the project. Will approval of this request complete the project or will an additional request of CPA funds or a direct request for future funds from Town Meeting be required?
  • Provide a detailed budget for the project.
  • State which individuals, departments or committees will be responsible for managing the project and ensuring it meets the requirements of the Community Preservation Act and the commitments made in the application.
  • If your entire request cannot be funded initially, please provide a priority list for the various elements of your request.
  • Identify what other funding sources you are seeking for this project.
  • State which of the General Criteria for funding your proposal satisfies.

Send application materials to:
Community Preservation Committee
Upton Town Hall, Box 6
Upton, MA 01568