General Fire Safety Tips & Fire Safety for Kids

Note: It is illegal and dangerous to burn leaves.


  • Summer has passed and Fall is here, bringing cooler weather and falling leaves.
  • Never park your car or truck over a pile of leaves. The heat from the vehicle's catalytic converter or exhaust system can ignite the leaves below. The resulting fire could destroy your vehicle.
  • Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work, and change the batteries.
  • Have heating appliances serviced and chimney flues examined for defects.
  • Have fireplaces and fireplace dampers checked.
  • Fireplaces should be equipped with an appropriate screen or glass enclosure to prevent sparks from flying out.
  • Wood burning stoves should be examined and the flue and chimney checked for creosote buildup.
  • Use only seasoned woods, and avoid soft woods like Pine, etc.
  • Never use a flammable liquid to start a fireplace.
  • Never overload the hearth with wood or artificial logs, the resulting fire may be too large for the unit.
  • Put all ashes outdoors and away from the house in a metal container.
  • Have a useable fire extinguisher available.