Fire / EMS Department

The Upton Fire and EMS Department is a combination department made up of dedicated career and call personnel cooperatively providing fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the community of Upton MA, while partnering with other local and regional emergency services organizations. We are an equal opportunity, progressive organization whose goal is to provide the highest quality service within the constraints of our funding and personnel resources.

Mission Statement

The Upton Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department provides prompt, quality services to our community that promote safety and security while benchmarking our services against National, State, and Local Standards.

Vision Statement

The Upton Fire and EMS Department will remain committed to the strong combination model of call/volunteer and career fire and emergency medical services personnel. The Department will strive to be a model Combination Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.


    • Excellence                                                        
    • Consistency
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Predictability
    • Competence
    • Innovation
    • Resourcefulness

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