MBTA Communities RFQ - IZ Feasibility & TA

The Town of Upton has received $30,000 in grant funds from the Massachusetts Community Planning Grant. The grant funds were approved to provide the Town professional services for an Inclusionary Zoning Market Feasibility Study and technical assistance pursuant to the requirements of the MBTA Communities MGL Chapter 40A Section 3A guidelines provided by EHOLC. The Town is requesting quotes from qualified parties. See below.

RFQ Documents

Contact Michael Antonellis, Director of Land Use & Inspectional Services, with inquiries. 



Questions received on RFQ:

1 - Is the RFQ open until qualified candidates have submitted?

Correct. An initial RFQ was issued with a deadline, however, no bids were received by the original response deadline. Due to increased demand for this type of services from municipalities it is understood that many firms do not have openings at this time. Therefore, the RFQ is remaining open until the LUIS Department has received qualified responses. 

2. Is there additional funding available beyond the $30,000 in grant funds?

No. The only funding that will be dedicated to this RFQ is the quoted amount of grant funds. It is not anticipated that any additional funds will be made available. If respondents feel they can only submit quotes for a portion of the work they are encouraged to do so.

3. There is concern that Technical Assistance may go beyond any quoted amount based on the Town's needs. How will that be handled?

Respondents are encouraged to submit a quote for Technical Assistance with well-defined parameters and deliverables. Should need for technical assistance go beyond those agreed parameters and deliverables any contract should be amended in order to provide for additional service. However, it is not guaranteed that funding will be available for additional technical assistance services. The Town will not ask the selected consultant to provide more work than what has been provided for in a bid after a contract has been executed.