Vital Records (Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates)

Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificates

  • Birth Certificate: If you were born in Upton or if your parents were living in Upton at the time of your birth, the birth record is on file in Upton. Birth Certificates are also on file in the city and town where the hospital is located.
  • Death Certificate: Death Certificates are on file with our office for people who died in Upton and for those with Upton listed as their place of residence at the time of death.
  • Marriage Certificate: Marriage Certificates are on file with our office only for those couples who applied for the license in Upton.

Certified copies of Vital Records (birth, death, marriage) are $10 each.

If you are not certain that we have the record you are requesting, email the Town Clerk or call us at 508-529-3565 to confirm before you submit your request.

Use Unipay to order and pay for a birth, marriage, death certificate online.