Policies & Procedures

  1. 360 Degree Feedback Policy (PDF)
  2. Ambulance Write-Off Policy (PDF)
  3. APPLICATION Upton Tax Work-Off Progam
  4. BYOB Policy
  5. Class II Application
  6. Class II License Policy (PDF)
  7. Complete Streets Policy (PDF)
  8. Compliance Policy (PDF)
  9. CORI Policy (PDF)
  10. Debt Policy (PDF)
  11. Department Mission Statement Review Policy (PDF)
  12. Designer Selection Procedure (PDF)
  13. Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy (PDF)
  14. Electioneering Policy (PDF)
  15. Eligibility For Benefits Policy (PDF)
  16. Equal Employment Opportunity Anti Discrimination and Harassment Policy Including Sexual Harassment (PDF)
  17. Exceptional Water (PDF)
  18. Executive Session Record Disclosure (PDF)
  19. Final Upton Tax Work-Off Progam amended 11-14-2023
  20. Financial Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF)
  21. Financial Reserves Policy (PDF)
  22. Fraud Policy (PDF)
  23. Fuel Efficient Vehicles Policy (PDF)
  24. Grants Policy (PDF)
  25. Liquor License Policy (PDF)
  26. Military Leave Policy (PDF)
  27. Mission Statement Board of Selectmen (PDF)
  28. Mission Statement Town of Upton (PDF)
  29. Policy Template (PDF)
  30. Procurement Card Policy (PDF)
  31. Public Comment (PDF)
  32. Purchasing Technology Equipment Policy (PDF)
  33. Reserve Policy (PDF)
  34. Reserve Policy Data Sheet (PDF)
  35. Road Race Application (PDF)
  36. Road Race Policy (PDF)
  37. Scholarship Application (PDF)
  38. Scholarship Policy (PDF)
  39. Selectmen Training Policy (PDF)
  40. Senior and Veterans Property Tax Work-Off Abatement (PDF)
  41. Senior and Veterans Tax Work-Off Application (PDF)
  42. Sign Placement Policy (PDF)
  43. Sign Request
  44. Snow Removal from Private Ways (PDF)
  45. Town Mission Statement Review Policy (PDF)
  46. Trench Safety Policy (PDF)
  47. Trust Fund Request Process (PDF)
  48. Use of Community Center Application (PDF)
  49. Use of Community Center Policy (PDF)
  50. Use of Town Common Application
  51. Use of Town Common Policy
  52. Use of Town Hall Application (PDF)
  53. Use of Town Hall Policy (PDF)
  54. Vehicle Use Policy (PDF)
  55. Water Shut-Off Policy (PDF)
  56. Work-Related Injury Practices (PDF)