Town Planner

Michael Antonellis

Official Title: Director of Land Use and Inspectional Services (LUIS)

The Land Use and Inspectional Services (LUIS) Director performs professional, technical, and administrative duties in developing short and long-range plans and programs relating to land-use and development and provides technical support to the planning board, and economic development committee as well as other town boards or committees, as necessary. The LUIS Dir. manages the regulatory service functions of the Town and to provide services relating to the state building code, the zoning by-laws, subdivision rules and regulations, the architectural access code, the state sanitary code, and all other laws, codes and regulations and by-laws relating to health, the environment and human safety. Employee is required to perform all similar or related duties. 

If you are interested in expanding your business, relocating your business, pursuing commercial or residential development, contact the Town Planner to schedule an interdepartmental meeting with key staff to kick-start any project. From there, you will establish contacts with the Town Staff, identify potential hurdles and local assets as well as key stakeholders that will help to ensure a clear path forward when pursuing new projects.