Do I need to be a member?

No, the Upton Center is not a club. We welcome everyone, even if you're not a senior or a resident of the town. Stop by the front desk and we'll give you a tour.

If you would like you can sign up for a MySeniorCenter Card. It is a card you can attach to your key chain, and when you visit the center for any events or programs you can sign in. MySeniorCenter is a program that allows us to keep track of the number of people who attend our center.

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1. What type of services does The Upton Center offer to seniors?
2. When I call or stop by, who do I speak to?
3. Do I need to be a member?
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5. I’m new in town or I’ve never been to the Upton Center, what type of events or activities do you offer?
6. Can I volunteer at the Center?